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Chapter 3 The e-World and e-Zine Publishing

Chapter three topics
Learning about and finding ezines
Writing e-queries

e-Newsletters are one of the best Internet marketing tools available and highly valuable to readers as quick, concise ways to receive information.

Scroll down the right panel in the home page of Publishers Weekly,, to locate Publishers Weekly e-Newsletter Subscription Center where you can quickly and easily manage your preferences.

Learning about and finding e-Zines
e-Zines 101:

Search around on,

At, click the e-zine that interests you and you'll find address, contacts, guidelines, prices, etc. From here you can view back issues to learn what the magazine publishes, what their readers want.

If you're looking for paying markets Media New Group publication might slip under your radar, and although payment may be minimal, editors have accepted reprints. Media New Group lists many publications, organized by states at Las Cruces Sun-News is a Media New Group publication. No submission guidelines that I could find, but NEWS team contacts are listed here,

I can't remind you often enough ~~ always scroll to the bottom of the page when looking for contact information if you can't locate it on the home page. Site Map and About Us also often lead to contacts.

When searching for markets, try adding a specialty to your search. For example,  searching "regional health magazine" will bring a number of sites to expand your research for markets that might slip under the radar,

Online lists
Go to Yahoo! Groups, where you can locate groups by searching "e-publishing" , or "e-zines", or any other topic of interest to you.

You can also use to search for "E-zines".

Writing e-queries
When you're writing your e-query, don't think like a writer; think like an editor. Make your idea fully complete. As you write your e-query, have a strong visual image in mind of the article already published.
  • What is its title?
  • Does it have a blurb?
  • On the e-zine cover, will there be cover lines announcing its appearance inside?
  • Is a sidebar included at the end?
In general, readers of online e-zines tend to scan while reading so:
  • Keep to your point
  • Use short sentences
  • Be brief
  1. Study E-zines
  2. Analyze 3 of the target magazines you pick for your idea
  3. Select one story idea and find 20 markets for it. (TIP: See Let One Idea = Endless Writing:
 Advice From The Pros; the important course section where you'll find specialized insider tips and information:

1-9, Treasure Hunting For Markets:

Next -- Chapter 4, Writers Guidelines and Magazine Calendars

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